• We aim to produce research that advances solar geoengineering’s science and technology frontier, publishing high-impact papers, and disseminating ideas that are taken up by other researchers and government research programs.

  • To take an active stance on research with a unique mandate to develop new path-breaking technologies that might improve solar geoengineering’s effectiveness and reduce its risks.

  • To Employ Harvard’s convening power to bring together scientists, environmental leaders, and government officials to discuss the technology and its governance.

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Solar geoengineering in particular could not be a replacement for reducing emissions (mitigation) or coping with a changing climate (adaptation); yet, it could supplement these efforts.

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Frank Keutsch — Heterogeneous Chemistry and Ageing of Designer Aerosol Particles to Assess the Risk of Solar Geoengineering

This project proposes laboratory investigations of alternate materials with properties that may make them more suitable candidates for stratospheric SRM. Specifically, the project proposes studies that address direct physical risks associated with SRM, i.e., effects on stratospheric ozone and temperature, and consequences when particles settle through the lower stratosphere into the troposphere, i.e. impacts on tropospheric chemistry, composition and radiation. This only represents one vignette of the risks associated with stratospheric SRM, but it is critical to quantify these risks as soon... Read more 国外服务器流量免费吗相关的IT服务-服务器 – 阿里云:阿里云云市场为您提供和国外服务器流量免费吗相关的IT服务;阿里云云市场是软件交易和交付平台;目前云市场上有九大分类:包括基础软件、服务、安全、伋业应用、建站、解决方案、API、IOT及数据智能市场。关于国外服务器流量免费吗相关的服务有:基础软件,服务,安全,伋业应用,建站,如果您 ...

跨境电商租用香港服务器的优质表现在哪里?-行业新闻-天下数据:2021-2-21 · 4.服务器出现不可预期的问题时,服务器租用商快速响应解决 租用香港服务器托管网站的过程中,难免会遇到一些问题,像服务器出现故障这类的问题都是网站运维人员无法直接解决的,的方法就是联系香港服务器租用商。

This project sought to advance our understanding of a key set of governance issues and, it is hoped, move the research community some steps further toward a shared set of assumptions and consensus on options for solar geoengineering governance. The core of the approach was to assemble a group of global experts in a structured dialogue, based on existing and new research, to identify and advance answers to challenging governance questions.

In September 2018, the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements with collaboration and support from Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering...

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